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I am 27 years old from Derby, England. My first real trip overseas was to Thailand back in 2008 with my sister where we spent almost three weeks working our way from the north to the south. It was on this trip, after meeting so many interesting people, hearing their stories and realising that there was a big world out there that I needed to explore. So, one year later, in September 2009 I set out on my first round-the-world trip which started in Hong Kong, and then continued through to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The trip was initially going to last for 6 months, however I fell in love with Australia, and met Ian and then realised that I was just not ready to stop living the dream yet! I did not return to England as planned, and instead applied for my working holiday visa for Australia, and after that I did the 3 months farming work required for a 12 month visa extension. I now live in Sydney and have been fortunate enough to have my family and friends come and visit me, and I have also been back to England for my best friend’s wedding and am lucky to have a close bond with them all still.

When I met Ian it was clear that we both shared a passion for travelling, and we knew that we would one day do a big trip together. We did a stop-over in China for two weeks on our way back from England, and although this was challenging due to the language barrier, we worked our way through Shanghai and Beijing as a great team, and so now here we are, two newly-weds just loving life and living the dream once again..!


I am 30 years old from the Central Coast in NSW, Australia. I first went travelling in 2005 with my school mate Pete after finishing uni. We headed to Europe where I ended up staying and working in London and travelling on and off as work allowed. I then came back to Oz in 2007 and decided to see what all the Europeans were raving about Australia for. I travelled up the east coast, worked on Hamilton Island for 5 months, then hit the road again across the centre, up to Darwin and down the west coast, spending the final month surfing in Margaret River. I was lucky to spend the whole year with different mates who happened to meet up at just the right times.

A few other trips were had while working in Sydney such as SE Asia and China. Travel is a bit of an addiction I think. Once you start, you can stop. This trip with Danielle will surely satisfy my hunger for a while though!

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