Kenya (second time)

Lake Nukuru

Another early morning for us as we set off on a full day game drive starting at sunrise at Lake Nukuru National Park. This park is famous for the huge flocks of pink flamingos that congregate there at certain times of the year – unfortunately not the time of year that we were there! We did however spot rothschild giraffes, white rhinos, lions, water buffalo, warthogs, and many other animals and birds.

Lake Naivisha

Ian went on a mountain bike day trip through Hells Gate National Park and climbing through the gorges – famous for the filming of many movies including Tomb Raider Two and Out of Africa, and being the inspiration behind many scenes in the Lion King. The views were awesome and riding past the animals was really cool.

Danielle instead went to the Green Crater Lake for a guided bush walk amongst the animals, which was a bit scary but thankfully there were no appearances from any leopards or lions!


Back in Nairobi, we arrived mid-afternoon on Danielle’s birthday. After hanging around the campsite, we headed to the famous Carnivores restaurant for dinner with the rest of the group in celebration of Danielle’s  birthday. You pay a fixed amount for a three course meal, with the main course being all you can eat meats served onto your plate, carved from spears by the appropriately dressed African waiters. We ate all kinds of meat including ostrich, crocodile, liver, bull testicles, beef, pork ribs, chicken, etc, etc. You lower the flag in the middle of your table when you can eat no more. The meal wrapped up with happy birthday sung by the waiters followed by the “jambo” song.




The next day we went into the cbd of Nairobi for a look around and for lunch. Not all that much to see in there, and is not really the place you feel comfortable pulling out your camera…


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