Lake Malawi

Chitimba Camp

At this campsite, we were treated to a honeymooner special and were upgraded for $10 per night to ‘The Love Boat’, a brand new boat, converted to a room on the beach for sleeping. The boat was mounted on springs so that any movement resulted in The Love Boat rocking from side to side – and coincidently had a sign outside warning people “if the boat is rockin’ don’t com knockin!’”  We spent the days lazing about on the beach, walking through the village, playing volleyball, etc. We couldn’t believe that we were on a lake and not the ocean – it was huge! We also had a freshly killed Goat bought to us at the camp site which we roasted for dinner – it was really yum!

Kande Beach

On the drive south to Kande Beach the police pulled us over and we were asked to wait by the side of the road as the President of Malawi (and her entourage of security) would be driving past. We were standing around playing with the kids for about 20 mins before she drove past our waving arms. She even waved back at us wearing her vibrant African clothing and headdress.

Once at the campsite we were taken for a tour around the local village where we visited the Primary School and Hospital. We then went to a family house where we had dinner cooked for us, followed by singing and dancing from all the kids – which we of course participated in! It was also our guide’s birthday so after the dinner and dancing we returned to our campsite, filled the cool-box with a (pretty potent) punch and partied in the bar. We all had a really fun night, dancing on the bar to African music until the early hours. The following night we spit-roasted a whole pig which was so tasty!

The Happy Honeymooners

The Happy Honeymooners

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