This was a place we both knew would be an absolute highlight of our trip – seeing the incredible Victoria Falls – the largest waterfall in the world. We arrived into the town just after lunch and headed straight for the falls, seeing the spray rise into the air as we got closer. The falls are on the boarder of Zambia and Zimbabwe, with both countries sharing a section of the falls. We spent around two hours exploring, and walked in front of the falls which stretch across 1.7kms and 110meters high, too much to capture in one eyeshot. We got pretty soaked from the mist and spray, and the thunder of the falls was amazing.

To experience the falls Ian did a white water rafting trip down the mighty Zambezi River, with rapids graded at 4-5 this was not for the faint-hearted! There were 4 rafts going down in the group, and two rafts flipped on the very first rapid (a grade 5), one of them being Ian’s. A great start! The forces in the water were incredible, but the local safety kayakers were great, which was lucky as Ian came out of the raft about 5 times! We were on the river for around three hours, tackling around 17 rapids, with a walk around a crazy looking grade 6. It was a heart pumping day – loved it!

In the evening our group did a Sunset River Cruise down the Zambezi River which we coincidently turned into a ‘booze cruise’ given that the ticket included all your drinks and dinner. The sunset was beautiful, and we sailed past hippos, crocodiles and elephants.

The next day Danielle took a flight over Victoria Falls on a Micro-light; her birthday present from Ian. The flight is just the pilot and the passenger and goes for 15 minutes. It was spectacular, seeing the falls from the ground is breathtaking in itself, but from the air it’s even more magical. After hovering over the falls and flying from the Zambia end to the Zimbabwe end of the falls, the pilot then flew Danielle over a huge family of elephants, a number of giraffes, some lazy hippos lying in the sun and some huge crocodiles. By the time she touched-down her face was literally aching from the non-stop grin on her face!!

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