We were put up in London by Louise (Danielle’s sister) and her flatmate Hannah (thanks for the awesome prawn stir fry!) We spent most of our time in London catching up with Louise and also managed to see a few of the familiar sites. We had a great night at Bounce, an awesome ping pong bar in London where you can have a beer while smashing your friends in a competitive game of Ping Pong. Louise treated Danielle to an early birthday present of dinner and a show – Michael Jackson Thriller in the West End!!! We also were able to catch up with some great friends while we were there; Steve, Sophie, Jon.




We met up with Grace and Dave in Oxford. We just had the one day and night to take in the sights, and a picnic (thanks guys!) by the river and a walk around town gave us a feel for the place. It happened to be the last day of term for the students – the giveaway was the smashed eggs, flour, baked beans, etc laid scattered on the roads and footpaths around the uni campus. After a fix of Pizza Express we watched a fantastic local band smashing out some rock tunes in a bar.



Stratford Upon Avon

Grace and Dave took us Stratford on route to Derby. This is Shakespeare territory so we saw the house that he lived in and where he has been laid to rest. Fantastic old buildings lined the streets housing pubs, shops and residents.

Derby & Sheffield

We visited D-Town (Derby, Danielle’s home town) for just under a week, catching up with friends and family (some of whom we hadn’t seen for 3 years!)  We then headed to Sheffield to stay with Tony (Danielle’s brother) and Kath for three days. We were spoilt rotten by everyone, especially Danielle’s Mum (Carol) at what we have deemed ‘Hotel Bank View’! We shared many a meal, coffee or beer with friends and family.

Aside from catching up with everyone the highlight would have to be the mountain biking we did through Sherwood Pines with Tony and Kath, Carol’s trifle, and Danielle’s spa day with Grace and Vic – thanks guys!

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