Oktoberfest…We made it!!

We met a lovely girl, Steff, back in Laos in May who suggested that her brother, Fabian, might be able to put us up in Munich during Oktoberfest. Lucky for us, Fabian and his flatmate David were happy for us to stay! Whilst we waited for them to finish work, we sat at the main train station in Munich with a coffee and people-watched. It was funny to see hundreds of people walking by, some in normal daytime clothes, and many wearing their traditional lederhosen and dirndls, on their way to the festival.

So our mothers will be pleased to know that we didn’t spend our WHOLE time in Munich drinking steins of beer at Oktoberfest. During the days we got out and about exploring Munich, walking through the huge Englischer Gartens; famous for its surfable standing wave, shopping in the Victuals markets, and taking in the views from the bell tower of St Peters Church. We also tried a couple of the famous Bavarian pastries (thank you Fabian for your recommendation!)


On our first night in Munch, Fabian and David took us to Munich’s largest outdoor beer garden for dinner which was just around the corner from their flat. We ordered Pork Knuckles which we had been so looking forward to eating in Germany – and they did not disappoint! Washed down of course with a “Mass” (1 litre stein) of German beer!

We had such a great time staying with these awesome guys in Munich, and also going along to Oktoberfest with the locals made it an even more fantastic and enjoyable experience!

So the next two nights we visited Oktoberfest. The whole festival was bigger, louder, busier, and more boisterous than either of us had imagined. During the afternoon we walked around in amazement looking at all the rides, displays, and hanger-sized beer tents, before meeting up with Fabian and his work colleagues who showed us the Bavarian way to party – standing on the table-benches cheering and sloshing their beers in time to the German music.

The second night we were thrilled when Fabian told us he had been able to borrow the traditional clothes (lederhosen and dirndls) for us to wear! So we got dressed up and went along with David, Fabian, and Fabian’s cousin and husband, Larissa and Sven from Hamburg.

We were in a tent full of Germans rather than tourists, who taught us the words to the traditional songs, and shared pretzels and pickles and plenty of German beer! The atmosphere was wild and we had so much fun, made even better by the fantastic new friends we made.


“Gemutlichkeit, Prost!!”

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