We drove through amazing scenery from Bosnia, into Montenegro and beside the Tara Canyon which at its peak forms a canyon that is 1300m deep. We also took a country road through the mountains at over 2000m above sea level to Zablijak. The road was so narrow and windy it took quite a bit longer than expected, the views were great even if it was cloudy!

The accommodation we booked in the small town of Zablijak had a description of a “3 star double bedroom with shared bathroom”, as it turned out it was what we would call a homestay. We stayed in the house with a mother (Liya) and son (Aljosa) who rented out their two bedrooms to travellers (which meant they slept in the living room). Liya spoke no English but insisted on chatting away to us in Serbian (and French??) and Aljosa spoke excellent English. Liya cooked us a delicious hearty Bosnian dinner, whilst we chatted to Aljosa about everything from Australia to Montenegro, the recent wars and their family story (Bosnian Serbs who fled at the outbreak of war from Sarajevo to Montenegro).

The next day the weather was wet but we were keen to drive to a view point overlooking Tara Canyon  – luckily it stopped raining long enough for us to take a 10 minute walk to see it.

Bay of Kotor

After driving for two hours or so through the rain we reached the Montenegrin coast and the Bay of Kotor. Despite the weather this is up there with the best scenery we have seen in Europe. We drove around the bay trying to keep our eyes on the road and not the view, then through the Locven National Park to Cetinje –the former Capital of Montenegro.

We didn’t see anything in Cetinje other than the main street and square as we arrived late, it was raining, and then we left early to drive to the Podgorica Airport for our flight to Athens.

The Bay of Kotor - incredible even in bad weather!

The Bay of Kotor – incredible even in bad weather!


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